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Published December 24, 2015 by kokoinsouthafrica

 I went to Namibia last month. My tendency to live in the moment often means that photos don’t really happen in the process. I suppose I put my eggs in the basket of hope that someone else is capturing and documenting the moments. Doesn’t always turn out that way. Haha. Here’s what we’ve got from journeying through the Namib desert 😄






Beautiful people. Beautiful country. Although there’s a large population of Germans that have settled in, I didn’t feel the same racial tension as I do in South Africa…it was so much more racially integrated. It was so refreshing to not be constantly identified by my skin color, I could walk everywhere and felt really safe, even at night. The population of Namibia is also much smaller which I’m sure directly influences the level of harassment driven by poverty. 

All in all, a wonderful vacation!