Races: #5. Modern Autohaus 4-in-1 Marathon

Published February 25, 2015 by kokoinsouthafrica

We woke up before dawn and had a solid 1.5 hour drive to the start line. Unfortunately we woke up late so that drive had to be done in less than an hour. We were super late to registration but luckily the 5km started 15 minutes later than the other distances, so when we arrived we were just barely able to purchase our race bibs and begin running.


It was a very flat race course and a short half hour later we were done and taking photos at the finish line. I saw a few other Peace Corps volunteers that had ran as well!

Although this was only a 5k run, it was significant because I got to introduce my brother-from-another-mother to the world of road racing. He definitely enjoyed his first race and looks forward to signing up for more! My host mother also ran with us, this was her 3rd 5k race in the last 5 months! After me dragging her along to so many of my events, she took interest in running and is really working hard to prepare for longer distances.

I love running, and I really enjoy sharing my passion with my loved ones. I’m so happy I get to work out and bond with people at the same time.

After the race!

After the race!


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